You are invited to help build a room for Bean

I know a little girl her name is BEAN.
She is so loved by all she is seen.


She has big bright eyes and an even bigger smile.

If you want to be blessed ask her to stay for a while.


There is one sure thing, “OH” yes it is true.

To make her life easier she needs a new room..


You see, she has MD a most pesky disease.

Which makes it impossible for her to do as she please.


So she needs lots of help, both night and day.

A room she will need, but without a delay.


PLEASE can you help us, make this all come true.

God has given her the gift of both me and YOU!




Isabelle White (Bean) is eight years old, wheelchair-bound with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy-Merosin Negative and completely dependent on her caregivers. It has now become very difficult to carry her up the stairs. All the bedrooms are located on the second floor of their ...home. She needs a bedroom on the main floor!